Reopening plan

Teal background. On the left is a white door, open with a black space behind it. To the right is a blue sign that says open with multicolored door that is open. The text in the middle reads Reopening Plan Summer 2021
Reopening plan (1)
Title is highlighted in yellow. Re-Opening Plans for Summer. The rest of the slide is in black text with a white background. There is a clip art image of people with various skin and hair colors, of various genders with masks on. The text reads: This summer, we will begin having some services in our building: All congregants coming to services will need to wear masks All congregants coming to services will be seated 6 ft apart, and we will keep the building at 25% capacity Onegs and other food will be served outside only We will revisit these guidelines when: Adult vaccination rate in the county gets to 70% (currently a little over 50%) Case positivity rates drop below 1% (currently ~2.5%)

We aim to be as transparent as possible throughout this process.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at