Family Education

Welcome to Congregation Beth Hatikvah Family Education


The Congregation Beth Hatikvah Family Education Program is a supplementary school educating our children with a hands on, child centered approach. Here you will find a warm school community that cares about the learning of each individual student. We strive for our students to learn something new with each class, and use what they learn to become understanding individuals who are dedicated to our people’s essential principles. Our curriculum includes six content areas to promote building a strong Jewish identity

  • Shabbat and Holidays
  • Jewish Values & Customs
  • Community and History
  • Land Of Israel
  • Jewish Literature
  • Hebrew and Prayer

At Beth Hatikvah we believe that religious studies should be enjoyable and engaging so our studies include arts and music, field trips, culinary adventures, and the celebration and participation in Jewish holidays. A typical day at school includes a 30 minute service in our sanctuary and two hours of class time incorporating both Hebrew and Judiac studies. For our youngest students, Hebrew is integrated into the daily agenda, while the class day is divided into Hebrew and Judiac studies for the older students. Our goal is to provide our students with strong roots from which to grow and to create a love of Jewish learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.


We ask that parents become active learners in our temple community. Your involvement in our religious school programs as well as our congregation’s educational, social, and spiritual life as a whole will have a major influence on your child’s commitment to Judaism. Together we can teach our children the importance of Jewish responsibility.