Havdallah Movie Night: “Dough”

Saturday January 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm


Come mark the end of Shabbat with a special movie night special treats and a Dough-raiser” (fundraiser), too! 

Dough, a warmhearted and humorous story about overcoming prejudice and finding redemption in unexpected places presented at 89 Jewish Film Festivals including Seattle 2016, now comes to Bremerton!

Synopsis: Curmudgeonly widower Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) clings to his way of life as a Kosher bakery shop owner in London’s East End. Understaffed, Nat reluctantly enlists the help of teenager Ayyash (Jerome Holder), who has a secret side gig selling marijuana to help his immigrant mother make ends meet. When Ayyash accidentally drops his stash into the mixing dough, the challah starts flying off the shelves and an unlikely friendship forms between the old Jewish baker and his young Muslim apprentice. 


Statement from Director John Goldschmidt: Some of the most innovative and successful independent films have been comedies with contemporary social themes. I was looking for such a story when I met the screenwriter Jez Freedman. He pitched DOUGH, a story about the unlikely friendship of an old Jewish baker and a young Muslim cannabis -dealer.

What I liked was the ‘buddy movie’ concept. Two guys as different as can be, divided by race, religion, and age. Both prejudiced about the other, but needing each other to survive. This is a universal story, which will be understood everywhere. Tensions between Muslims and Jews are increasing worldwide and the best way to challenge prejudice is through comedy.

The story is set in a multi-cultural part of London and is a film of contrasts. From the ethnic high street shops, to the corporate environment of a big Supermarket chain. From middle class suburbia, to a grotty housing estate. From the staid adult community to the vibrant youth culture.

But it’s the humanity of the film that connects with people everywhere. The characters touch and move the audience and the casting of the leading roles was paramount. Legendary theatre actor Jonathan Pryce as the old Jewish baker became a real father figure to first time black actor Jerome Holder who played the Muslim cannabis dealer. And I like to think that everyone, young and old, will leave the cinema with a smile on their face, and the word will spread about their enjoyment of DOUGH.