Al Mezuzot Beitecha (On the Doorposts of Your House)

You are invited! Come make and glaze a beautiful ceramic mezuzah along with our religious school kids on Sunday, November 18th and Sunday, December 2nd, from 1 to 2 p.m. at CBH.

Our religious school kids are learning about mezuzot and have the extra-special opportunity of making their own ceramic mezuzot for the front doors, their bedrooms or for another door in their houses. Eric Painter, professional ceramicist and religious school dad, will lead us in the mezuzah-making activity on November 18; he will then bring back the bisque-fired mezuzot for glazing on December 2.

Two types of scrolls are available. Amy Roszak will print the words of the Sh’ma & V’ahavta on vellum. They are lovely, but they are not kosher. Kosher scrolls are handwritten on parchment by a sofer in the exact same way that a Torah is written, and they are more expensive.

Please RSVP to Rabbi Sarah by November 11 to assure that we will have enough materials on hand. We are requesting a minimum donation of $8 for each mezuzah you make – payable to the Frankel Fund – and an additional $25 if you would like a kosher scroll.  All kosher scrolls must be reserved and paid for on the November 11th at the mezuzah making (check or cash).

There will be a special community mezuzah hanging event during Chanukah. Watch your e-news and December bulletin for details!