Adult Education

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Introducing our Virtual Adult Education Programs

These classes will happen every week and can be attended by anyone and are geared toward adults. 

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Judaism from Scratch


All the basics for every person who wants to know more about Judaism

Sundays at 11am

Apr 4th – Societal Mitzvot

Apr 11th – Ritual Mitzvot

April 18th – Jewish Languages and Cultures

April 25th – Jewish Denominations – the major modern groups

May 2nd – The Story of the Jews episode 1 (watch and discuss)

May 9th- The Story of the Jews episode 2 (watch and discuss) 

May 16th- The Story of the Jews episode 3 (watch and discuss)

May 23rd – The Story of the Jews episode 4 (watch and discuss)

May 30th – The Story of the Jews episode 5 (watch and discuss) 

Early Jewish History: A Survey


Tuesdays at 7pm


All readings will be provided. 


April 6th- Setting the Stage: The Jewish groups in conflict 

April 13th – A Way in the Wilderness: Who are the Qumran people?

April 20th- Judaism at Qumran vs Proto-Christianity

April 27th – The Jewish War and Josephus

Assigned reading links will be sent before each class. If you have a TaNaKh, please use it for your reading! 

Did you miss a class? Get caught up on our YouTube channel. Each video below is a playlist, and you can find the full lineup of class videos by clicking the “Watch on YouTube” button in the bottom left.


Note: This is a work in progress.  Captions and transcripts will be added as soon as possible. 


Announcing Project Zug!

A clip art of Project Zug's logo.  On the top is the Hebrew letters that spell out Zug.  Underneath is a line break, and there are diamonds on the ends of each line.  The one on the left is red and the one of the right is teal.  Underneath the line is the word Zug.

CBH is excited to partner with Project Zug to offer online havrutah study to our community! 

What Is Havruta Study?  Havruta means partner-learning. We will match you with a local study buddy (or you can tell us who you would like to study with). You and your partner choose from over 30 courses, and then meet once a week to read and discuss a text that Project Zug provides. It is a great way to build or deepen relationships while also learning about our heritage. 

Registration is easy!

Click the button below to register. Make your account, and use the registration code CBHZUG