Interior Design

At our annual meeting, we discussed the importance of investing in our space to make it more welcoming. I’d like to provide an update on where we are and the spiritual significance of making updates to our space. As always I’m happy to discuss or answer any questions.

When we see the beauty of nature, when we hear the sounds of birdsong, of children’s laughter, when we catch the scent of the ocean, we are transported to a deep appreciation of creation. And we know that our sensory world is constantly reminding us of where and when we live, for better or worse.

In this same way, when we read the detailed, exacting instructions for the interior design of the Mishkan, the Temple, we are reminded that our senses are a vital place of emotional connection to the Divine.

This is why creating an intentional sensory experience in our House of Prayer matters. 

We have many practical matters to address in our building, to keep it safe and comfortable. We have been working on cleaning and organizing to begin making our spaces as useful and inviting as possible. 

In our sanctuary, the focus of our community is directed to the Torah. For that reason, we are making an effort to simplify and declutter the space, and to focus on design that leaves space for our inner experience.

You will notice that we are moving a few things, and changing a few decorative items. It’s going to be a process. The dream is that our house will be even more useful and meaningful for the community we are always building at Beth Hatikvah.