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Yom Rishon, 4 Tishri 5778

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Sunday, August 27th

This is your official summons to get CBH ready for the High Holiday Day season! Just as we prepare to reflect and improve on ourselves, so too must we cleanse and tidy our house of worship. With all of us doing our part, the work will go quickly and we are sure to have some fun. Please bring your personal gloves, clippers, knee pads, step stools, etc. We will be sprucing up both inside and outside of the building, organizing the downstairs, and tidying up the kitchen. Overall, we are in good shape. Just like us, the building just needs a little TLC to kick off 5778! A light nosh and beverages will be provided, of course.

Shacharit (morning) Service and Tefillin Laying

Sunday, August 27th

"You shall put these words of mine on your heart and on your soul; and you shall tie them for a sign upon your arm, and they shall be as totafot between your eyes." --- Deuteronomy 11:18

Please join Rabbi MItch and Marvin Hoffert for a special weekday service preceding the HHD synagogue clean up. There will be a short service followed by a learning session on the practice of laying tefillin as well an opportunity to lay tefillin. While it is a commandment for Jewish males to lay tefillin, ALL interested parties can participate in the mitzvah - women, people on the road to conversion, pre-b’nai mitzvah age children, etc. If you have your own tefillin, please bring them. The service will be followed by a light nosh before the HHD cleanup begins.

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